Timber Raised Garden Beds

Growing your own fruit and vegetables not only saves money, but also provides an extremely positive and fulfilling hobby. Our high-quality Greena® Timber Raised Beds provide an easily-accessible growing area, neatly separated from the rest of your garden. This makes it much easier to water & feed correctly, while also raising the growing area up to a more convenient height. They also make an attractive feature for plants, flowers, shrubs and even trees.

We manufacture these ourselves in our dedicated workshop in the heart of rural Derbyshire and have over 25 years of experience in designing & manufacturing Timber Raised Beds. We use only the finest pressure-treated timber, ensuring it is always taken from a renewable source. If you have a project in mind but can’t find what you’re looking for, why not take advantage of our Bespoke Service? Get in touch and let us know the area you have available and any ideas you may already have and our friendly team will design something specifically for you.

You can rest assured that these Timber Raised Beds are not only built to last, but mean you are playing your part in eco-friendly gardening that puts you one step closer to self-sufficiency and a Greena® planet.

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